Lennox Head, Ballina Shire

Solar Installation

Lennox Head, Ballina Shire

This system was installed for the Smedley family in the heart of Lennox head. Using 39 x 330 watt Seraphim Solar panels and 2 x Sungrow 5kw inverters. The panels were installed on the flat north facing roof, using a tilt system in order to gain the best angle facing towards the Northern sun. Harry and Karina  have a 5 bedroom house with 3 occupants, swimming pool and seperate unit for holiday rentals. We tailored this system to best suit their needs as they had $700 quarterly electricity bills . Since the install the Cravens have seen a whopping $500 – $600 saving on their quarterly bills. we installed a Sungrow smart meter with wifi application in order to keep track of there solar production and power usage.

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